As you are gathered here to say one final last goodbye

To make sense of this quandary – to try and fathom why

As you all congregate in black immersed in futile gloom

And see a future cloaked with fear, uncertainty and doom

When you search hard for answers, yet no answers you can find

Then, spare an empathetic thought for this mirrored my mind

Your pain will ease, your wounds will heal, your darkness will subside

Yet mine would never ever shift, no matter how I tried

Your incident affected mood, oh what a luxury

That vision’s been all I have seen, that was the norm for me

So as you trace my sands of time and on my life reflect

And try to muster understanding, empathy, respect

Please try to see, it’s meant to be, for I was always torn

You could not win this war for me, please do not stand and mourn

You could not save my life you fools; I died when I was born.