Why keep feet on the ground when the stars call your name?

And why stay on one planet in life’s cosmic game?

Don’t matter ‘bout matter – all this comes to pass

A vacuum, a vortex, a meanlingless mass

Be all that you can be, whatever that is

And seize every second your days have to give

Make your life have meaning, have passion and zest

For all you encounter feel grateful, feel blessed

Don’t stay with a whimper then fade into dust

Leaving spaceship on standby to crumble and rust

You’re more than a comet, a planet or star

Much more than a cosmos or galaxy far

Don’t simply be ‘part of’, instead lead the gang

Refuse to go softly, go with a big bang

Have courage, be different, compose your own tune

Don’t ever be ‘normal’, be budding and bloom

Find your outer limits and orbit here soon

Why plug in to earth when you could be wired up to the moon?