The Rainbow


Am I a lemon?
I’m black and blue?
Not visibly.
Am I all white?
Do I turn green?
I hate to be.
Do I rage red?
I think you’ll see,
When you go pink,
I may turn black,
Oh yes indeed.
In my strange world,
Why can’t you see?
I’m fifty shades
And those between
On Pantone file
And nature’s tree.
A spectrum wide,
A palette, free.
This ever changing tapestry
With rainbow fabric?
THIS is me.


Why keep feet on the ground when the stars call your name?

And why stay on one planet in life’s cosmic game?

Don’t matter ‘bout matter – all this comes to pass

A vacuum, a vortex, a meanlingless mass

Be all that you can be, whatever that is

And seize every second your days have to give

Make your life have meaning, have passion and zest

For all you encounter feel grateful, feel blessed

Don’t stay with a whimper then fade into dust

Leaving spaceship on standby to crumble and rust

You’re more than a comet, a planet or star

Much more than a cosmos or galaxy far

Don’t simply be ‘part of’, instead lead the gang

Refuse to go softly, go with a big bang

Have courage, be different, compose your own tune

Don’t ever be ‘normal’, be budding and bloom

Find your outer limits and orbit here soon

Why plug in to earth when you could be wired up to the moon?



Wherever I wander your face haunts my mind

Your powerful touch, overwhelming demand

Whenever I breathe I taste you on my tongue

I’m still hearing your voice through every love song

You’ve gotten me feeling emotion intense

The rest of my world it no longer makes sense

You, alone reduced me to this

Night after night I hunger your kiss

Even when I’m elsewhere in embrace

Doesn’t matter with whom

Or what time

Or which place

I’m in constant torment from the haunt of your face.



I browsed online, I searched the street
And countless men I’d find then meet
Most faceless, nameless, not my type
In no way lived up to their hype
Not satisfied with dating fun
I wanted instant “He’s the one!”
When we first met, came face to face
I wanted heart to pound and race
I wanted sparks to fizz and fly
Our time stand still and race on by
I wanted drums to bang and beat
Intensive, shocking, searing heat
I wanted screaming in my head,
Yell “You’re the one, take me to bed!”

Oh gosh.
What happened here?
The fanfare echoed loud and clear
The stars collided, planets crashed
My inner sanctum minced and mashed
The passion, fever, craving, yearning
Urgent touching, searing, burning
Feelings rush at speed of light
As day merged into starry night
Our bodies locked, the deed now done
Connection made, our bodies one

Then STOP.
“No more” he said.
And cast me out of safe warm bed
Too much, too soon, too fast. Too late.
Our recklessness sealed tight our fate
Once open wide, I gave my all
And smashed into your heart’s brick wall
Encased in chains, with lock and key
There was no open door for me
I thought this was a fairytale
‘Tween online girl and cyber male
I glimpsed my future in your eyes
Then slowly came to realise
You’re not ‘The One’ you’re just another
Careless, clueless, thoughtless lover
Tears drown out my joyful laughter
No more happy ever after
With great regret, no turning back
My rainbow world turned grey and black
Kind angels came and ears they lend
As shattered heart begins to mend
I bid farewell to you my ‘friend’
And close our book, goodbye,



I awake to your image in front of my face

Fall asleep and your spirit I still can’t erase

Even in slumber my dreams you will find

Are still troubled with visions of you in my mind

I can still feel your prescence when here on my own

And I still hear your voice though completely alone

When you’re near must supress the temptation to touch

Though admit your allurement sometimes proves too much

You’ve exposed those emotions I thought I’d dismissed

Though I’ve known deep inside me they did still exist

Can’t believe I surrendered resistence to you

My defences were crushed though what else could I do?

So again I stand weak, insecurities show

And I’m vuln’rable to one person once more

I can’t let myself fall to you, can’t take the bait

I’m ignoring the visible actions of fate

Disregard all attraction, no matter how great

Why such pointless denial? I know it’s too late.


I strolled through life’s playground, I hoped we would meet

Two halves of one being, two lives incomplete

Before you existed I pictured your face

I unlocked my heart and reserved you a place

For I never doubted us, I always knew

My present, my future, my past are with you

So sure of our destiny, sure we will be

Entwined in each other for eternity

The only uncertainty borne of our love

The rest of our lives cannot be long enough

For I once had questions which scuppered my plan

Like, how can I spend all my life with one man?

And then there’s that priceless pearl – how will I know,

If he is ‘The One’ and not one to forego?

Then you came along and my questions dissolved

‘How will I know?’ – An old quand’ry resolved

I no longer ponder this, I am quite sure

For you are the answer, I need ask no more

I watch as our love grows so deep and so true

Now only one question remains for us two

Without hesitation, I fall into you

I give you, sincerely, my answer – ‘I do’


“There’s plenty of fish in the sea” so they say
Yet out of so many ‘The One’ found his way.
Surrounded by minnows, amoeba and sharks.
He saw I was drowning and rescued my heart.

My life started last night when I saw his face.
The stars all collided, then fell into place.
Connection and chemistry, feverish fire.
Was raging within us, such burning desire.

And as the years pass us the fire still it glows.
Now fused in with friendship our bond of love grows
How utterly lucky and grateful are we
That I messaged you and that you messaged me.

We share all we have and we share all we are
We feel one another from near or afar
Holding each other we fall fast asleep
Us two happy fishes, from lone oceans deep.

Then ‘Bang!’ I awake from my sweet, balmy dream.
Embracing a void in the space you had been.
For you are not here, I’m still searching for you.
Until you lie with me I always will do.

If you are ‘The One’ please swim over to me.
We’ll pack up our inbox, our keyboard, our screen.
And plunge into real life, we’ll exit this sea.
And drown in contentment for eternity.