I browsed online, I searched the street
And countless men I’d find then meet
Most faceless, nameless, not my type
In no way lived up to their hype
Not satisfied with dating fun
I wanted instant “He’s the one!”
When we first met, came face to face
I wanted heart to pound and race
I wanted sparks to fizz and fly
Our time stand still and race on by
I wanted drums to bang and beat
Intensive, shocking, searing heat
I wanted screaming in my head,
Yell “You’re the one, take me to bed!”

Oh gosh.
What happened here?
The fanfare echoed loud and clear
The stars collided, planets crashed
My inner sanctum minced and mashed
The passion, fever, craving, yearning
Urgent touching, searing, burning
Feelings rush at speed of light
As day merged into starry night
Our bodies locked, the deed now done
Connection made, our bodies one

Then STOP.
“No more” he said.
And cast me out of safe warm bed
Too much, too soon, too fast. Too late.
Our recklessness sealed tight our fate
Once open wide, I gave my all
And smashed into your heart’s brick wall
Encased in chains, with lock and key
There was no open door for me
I thought this was a fairytale
‘Tween online girl and cyber male
I glimpsed my future in your eyes
Then slowly came to realise
You’re not ‘The One’ you’re just another
Careless, clueless, thoughtless lover
Tears drown out my joyful laughter
No more happy ever after
With great regret, no turning back
My rainbow world turned grey and black
Kind angels came and ears they lend
As shattered heart begins to mend
I bid farewell to you my ‘friend’
And close our book, goodbye,