“There’s plenty of fish in the sea” so they say
Yet out of so many ‘The One’ found his way.
Surrounded by minnows, amoeba and sharks.
He saw I was drowning and rescued my heart.

My life started last night when I saw his face.
The stars all collided, then fell into place.
Connection and chemistry, feverish fire.
Was raging within us, such burning desire.

And as the years pass us the fire still it glows.
Now fused in with friendship our bond of love grows
How utterly lucky and grateful are we
That I messaged you and that you messaged me.

We share all we have and we share all we are
We feel one another from near or afar
Holding each other we fall fast asleep
Us two happy fishes, from lone oceans deep.

Then ‘Bang!’ I awake from my sweet, balmy dream.
Embracing a void in the space you had been.
For you are not here, I’m still searching for you.
Until you lie with me I always will do.

If you are ‘The One’ please swim over to me.
We’ll pack up our inbox, our keyboard, our screen.
And plunge into real life, we’ll exit this sea.
And drown in contentment for eternity.