I’ve never felt hurt quite so deep, I’ve never lost quite so much sleep

I’ve never shed so many tears, in all my life of hurting  years

I new you’d be with someone else, I knew I’d have no second chance

But knowing doesn’t compensate for the sense of loss or deep felt hate

You really don’t care what I feel, on that one night you made this clear

When asked to come and talk to me, no explanation did I hear

No reason why to make me see, not even an apology

You can’t see why I feel this way, you think there’s nothing left to say

I tried to keep my tears discreet, but mis’rably admit defeat

I tried to keep my rage intact, but under pressure slowly cracked

Although I tried to surface strong, I’d kept composure for so long

That all my efforts came in vain, the time had come to rid my pain

Reluctantly I gave release and realised a new found peace.

For now I have no shred of hate, no trace of love to contemplate

I know I’ve said all this before, but this time I have closed the door

I hope at last they all can see, I’ve locked you out and thrown the key

Before ‘the end’ was premature, but now it’s not of that I’m sure

One day soon you will conceive, just what you’ve lost in losing me

And lost you have there’s no maybe

This IS the end I guarantee.