I awake to your image in front of my face

Fall asleep and your spirit I still can’t erase

Even in slumber my dreams you will find

Are still troubled with visions of you in my mind

I can still feel your prescence when here on my own

And I still hear your voice though completely alone

When you’re near must supress the temptation to touch

Though admit your allurement sometimes proves too much

You’ve exposed those emotions I thought I’d dismissed

Though I’ve known deep inside me they did still exist

Can’t believe I surrendered resistence to you

My defences were crushed though what else could I do?

So again I stand weak, insecurities show

And I’m vuln’rable to one person once more

I can’t let myself fall to you, can’t take the bait

I’m ignoring the visible actions of fate

Disregard all attraction, no matter how great

Why such pointless denial? I know it’s too late.